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The winter capital of Maharashtra, Nagpur, is the third largest city in its state. It is exceptionally well known for its Information Technology in this region. The city is constantly developing which means more industries coming up every day. releaseMyAd@Nagpur helps these industries to get the perfect media mix for their advertising campaign. It aims to target the most suitable audience with your current budget, with minimum wastage. Skim through all our media options for Nagpur and get in touch with us to book your ad.


Top English Newspaper :

The Times of India

Top Regional Newspaper :



Popular Radio Stations :

Radio Mirchi


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Top Cinema Theatres :

PVR Cinemas


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Google Search Advertising

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Nagpur Demographics
Top Target Locations
  • A D Project
  • Air Port Nagpur
  • Ajni
  • Ambazari Deb Project
  • Ayodhya Nagar
  • Bagadgani
  • Bagladganj
  • Bela
  • Bezonabaugh
  • Bhiwapur
  • Buti Bari
  • Central Avenue Road
  • Cidco Colony
  • Deolapur
  • Dhapewada
  • Engineering College Nag
  • Gaimuch Nande
  • Gumgaon
  • Hanuman Nagar
  • Hingna
  • Industrial Area
  • Industrial Estate Nagpur
  • Jalalkheda
  • Jari Patka
  • Kalmeshwar
  • Kamptee Camp
  • Kamptee Guards Trg Centre
  • Kamptee Gujri Bazar
  • Kamptee H O
  • Kamthi Colliery
  • Kanan Pipri
  • Karodi
  • Katol
  • Katol Road
  • Kelavad
  • Khamla
  • Khandelwal Nagar
  • Khapa
  • Khapar Khed
  • Khat R S
  • Kondhali
  • Koradi
  • Kuhi
  • Laxminagar
  • Manda
  • Mandhal
  • Mansar
  • Mohpa
  • Mowad
  • N A D T
  • N E E R I
  • N I O Donapaula
  • Nagpur
  • Nagpur Abhyankar Nagar
  • Nagpur Ayachit Mandir
  • Nagpur Bhantali
  • Nagpur Bureau Of Mines
  • Nagpur Chitnispura
  • Nagpur City H O
  • Nagpur Congress Nagar
  • Nagpur Gandhinagar
  • Nagpur Ganjakhet
  • Nagpur Ganjipeth
  • Nagpur Giripeth
  • Nagpur Gokulpeth
  • Nagpur Gpo
  • Nagpur Hit Wada
  • Nagpur Imambada
  • Nagpur Kasturchand Park
  • Nagpur Khare Town
  • Nagpur Mahul
  • Nagpur Maska Suth
  • Nagpur Medical College
  • Nagpur Mehdi Bag Rd
  • Nagpur Model Mills
  • Nagpur Mohannagar
  • Nagpur Momimpura
  • Nagpur Nayapura
  • Nagpur Netaji Market
  • Nagpur New Colony
  • Nagpur New Mla Hostel
  • Nagpur Panchsheel Nagar
  • Nagpur Raje Raghuji Nagar
  • Nagpur Ramdss Peth
  • Nagpur Ravinagar
  • Nagpur Sadar Bazar
  • Nagpur Shanichara
  • Nagpur Shradhanand Peth
  • Nagpur Sitabuldi
  • Nagpur Tilak Statue
  • Nagpur Times
  • Nagpur Vishvakarma Nagar
  • Nagpure Tin Nal
  • Nand
  • Narkher
  • Panni
  • Paradsinga
  • Parseoni
  • Parvati Nagar
  • Patwardhan Ground
  • Ramtek
  • Sadakarjuni
  • Savner
  • Sawargaon
  • Seminary Hills
  • Shankar Nagar
  • Sillewarg
  • Sondur
  • Tirora
  • Totladoh
  • Umred
  • Umred Bazar
  • Umred Project
  • Umri
  • Vayusenanagar
  • Wadi
Which media is good for which audience?

Nagpur is gradually emerging into a metropolis which means expanding competition between companies and industries. It was ranked number one in the fastest growing cities of India in terms households after it was awarded the Best City to Live In India. The city has seen a lot of change in the recent past which makes changes the entire customer base of several companies. releaseMyAd@Nagpur is the leading Media Planner in the city and we help you to make the best use of your ad spaces. We fabricate a module for your media consumption, return on investment, ad engagement, recurrence and the scope of the ad.


We are believers in creating smart communication strategies for businesses to exploit real-time consumers to deliver extraordinary business results for advertisers. Since the Information Technology is growing in this region, web advertising is the upcoming industry. With the advent of smartphones, a majority of the youth is stuck to their devices all day. Internet advertising makes it simple for you to target a specific demographic of people and get you the recognition that you want. 


Apart from Online advertising, we also help you place your ads in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio and Cinemas. The city also has a large number of newspaper readers who subscribe to at least one newspaper per day. This shows how advertising in the newspaper can help you reach the masses. We churn out sound, integrated media plans for you which gives you more than expected out of your campaign and gives you a great brand image in the market.